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4 min readMay 5, 2022


Our project, as you probably know, aims to build the first fully decentralised and anonymous platform allowing investors and traders to meet in an algorithmically regulated fund that will benefit everyone.

Our goal is to offer several categories of traders a real interest in our ecosystem. Providing a place for investors to meet traders is not in itself a revolution, but doing it in a totally decentralised way is.

We believe that pooling the performance of the best traders in a tangible way allows through this collective brainpower to increase the performance for investors but also to get a share of that performance for the traders.

We sincerely believe that this win-win relationship between investors and traders allows the establishment of a mutual trust for everyone and to grind the capital all together!

In addition to having developed this ecosystem we are all traders, and it remains a complex world to understand. That’s why we wanted to do it in a totally decentralized way, to allow everyone to enjoy and demonstrate their talent while being rewarded!

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter and how it all works in practice :
First of all we will introduce you to the different categories of people who interact with our ecosystem and then you as a trader what your rewards and interest will be!

The different categories of actors are therefore the following (you can also find them in the litepaper)

Now that we have defined and discussed the different categories of people interacting in the ecosystem, which can be summarised as the meeting between trader and investor in a win-win relationship. Let’s move on to the rewards and participation modalities.

First of all the rewards. We have established that traders should be rewarded for their hard work so we have set up an internet competition in our ecosystem which will be renewed every month. In other words, every month a new competition is made and the rewards for the traders distributed.

After each cycle of 1 month ,there is a mint of 1% of the PWR supply, allocated to the eligible traders. In other words, each month at the end of the competition and according to their results the traders will have 1% of the total TVL (materialized by the total PWR supply) distributed.

Now how much is that?

Let’s say we reach 10M dollars of TVL, then each month it will represent a competition of 100k$ to be distributed between traders, which can allow most of them to get a nice capital, but especially to potentially be able to live from their passion which is trading.

Now I guess you are all waiting for the different eligibility to join our ecosystem, here is the list of all the necessary conditions and rules we have set up (editable via DAO). We have set up a Ranking System which we believe is essential to have a healthy ecosystem and a clear and defined allocation for each trader, but also for our dear investor because as said several times before it is a full relationship and we want it to be virtuous!

An open trade will be automatically ended if the PnL is lower than 20 % orit last for longer than 1 month.

A trade can be started only with a minimum capital of 500 BUSD.

The max leverage of the fund BUSD is 0.95 .

At the end of a trade, the Energy reward corresponds to the PnL multiplied by 1 .

Auto promotion
The auto-promotion system is enabled.

Auto-promotion points are reset to 0 after each cycle of 1 month.

Investors needs 700 points in paper trades to be promoted to junior trader.

Junior traders needs 1400 points to be promoted to senior trader, and will be demoted to investor if they fall to -200 points.

Senior traders will be demoted to junior trader if they fall to -300 points.

We hope this has taught you more about how we work — feel free to join us on discord or twitter if you want more information!

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